Vex 4

The Stickman is back again with another amazing and interesting gameplay. Vex 4 is quite different than the previous versions of the game series. Even though your game avatar needs to run, climb, jump, and slide away to the check points, the unique challenges that you face in between will keep you hooked. It is an adventurous game for all age groups and has the potential to keep you busy for few days. Overall, there are 25 fun-packed levels to beat in the Vex 4 game. So, let’s start playing!

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The controls of the game are easy! You can choose to use either the W, A, S, D keys or the Arrow keys as per your preference. These keys will make your stickman proceed in the direction that you want him to go. If you don’t like the Sound of the game then you can use the ‘M’ key to mute the music. To activate some of the power-ups in the game, you can use the ‘J,’ ‘K,’ and ‘L’ keys. These power-ups can be bought from the game shop.

To make the game different from the other versions, you have several characters to select in the beginning of the game. Your game will start with two basic characters; a male and a female stick figure. As you keep progressing in the several acts of the game, you will get a chance to unlock various other characters. Some of these characters include a cute kitten, a frustrating dog, a sweet bear, and many more.

>> Click Here To Play Vex 4 <<


Although the game is easy to play, you will come across some tricky challenges that will be difficult to solve. So, make use of the below-mentioned tips, which will let you survive for longer in the game:

  • You will come across many locked blocks in various acts. These blocks can be unlocked by using the keys. So, find the keys and then get them to the blocks.
  • To beat the lasers, you need to be very quick.
  • The portal is at the end of the locked blocks.
  • The purple blocks won’t stay for long, so be quick while using them.
  • You can even use the cannons for reaching higher heights. Just hop into them and press the up arrow key when you want to be fired.
  • While swimming, the small bubbles will recharge your breathe.
  • If you earn the Gold or Perfect Ranking on any of the acts, then you get the chance to play that particular act in the Challenge Mode. In this mode, death is more prominent so you need to be extremely cautious. If you have decided to enter the Challenge mode, then press the Space bar rather than the Down key to enter.
  • In Act 8, the spark around the edges of the motherboard can lose your life, so be careful.
  • The solar bars will disappear when the lights are off.
  • Take care that a spark does not touch the water; if it does then it will get electrified.

So, play the Vex 4 game with a lot of patience and make your Stickman reach his checkpoints. Have fun!