Vex 3

The Vex series is back with several battle spikes, swimming pools, trophies, and many more difficult levels to complete. Your Vex 3 Stickman is ready for more adventure so help him out to reach his check points.

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In this version of the game, the Achievements section has been transformed into the trophies section. There are 40 different trophies that you could collect in the game. Listed below are the trophies that you could earn:

  • When you perform hard and difficult achievements, then you can get the Awesome Stuff trophy. This category includes 7 trophies.
  • For completing the standard acts to the Vexation, you can earn the Standard Acts trophy. Under this category, you have 10 trophies to accumulate.
  • If you complete the challenge acts and are able to find all hidden stars, then you can earn the Hard Core trophy. It includes 19 trophies that can be collected.
  • A round-up of all other categories will make you procure the Completion trophy. Here, you have 4 trophies to collect.

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The controls of the game are similar to the preceding versions of Vex games. You need to use the WASD keys or Arrow keys to move your game avatar. There may be several occasions where you get stuck up at the tricky levels. To make your game simpler, read on and know some of the wonderful tricks to survive in this game:

  • To reach the top of the wall, jump from side to side.
  • If you want to slide while running, then hold the Down arrow key.
  • The purple blocks are very weak, so run on them quickly.
  • Orange blocks will let you bounce high up so that you can reach at a great height of the wall.
  • Brown blocks can be pushed on either side.
  • You can earn Gold and Stars by playing well in the game. So, try to earn as many as you can by playing patiently.
  • Always keep a track of your breath while you are in the swimming pool.
  • In the swimming pool, you will be able to move forward only at the direction that you are facing.
  • Press the down arrow key when you want to kick out the trapped block.
  • You can even use your kick ability by holding down mid-air.
  • Always jump while you are in the red section to swing forward. If you jump in the blue section then it will swing you further.
  • The direction of your swing can be changed through the left and right arrow keys.
  • To save yourself from the spikes above the ice, just slide away as quickly as possible because ice will take time to melt.
  • To kick and smash the glass, you need to hold down in mid-air.
  • You will come across few speed blocks. These will move you in the direction that is shown.

Also, the game has a Stage Building feature where you can build a customized stage and play or share it with friends. This feature will let you enjoy your dream game. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing the Vex 3 game right away!