Vex 2

Are you ready to have some fun time with the Stickman? He is back in Vex 2 online game, which is filled with several tricky obstacles. In this game, you game avatar has to swim, slide, fire yourself out of cannons, use zip-lines, swing, and much more. Controlling the game is easy; as you can make your game avatar move by using the WASD keys or the Arrow keys.

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There are several achievements available in the game, which can be unlocked as you keep progressing in the acts. Some of the achievements can also be earned by completing the following things:

  • Any stage without dying.
  • Complete the tutorial without touching any checkpoints.
  • Collect half of the hidden stars.
  • Procure gold rank or anything higher than that on an act.
  • Achieve the perfect rank on any of the acts.
  • Collect all of the hidden stars.
  • Hold two or more keys at the same time.
  • Get every act to perfect or gold rank.
  • And many more.

>> Click Here To Play Vex 2 <<


Earning these achievements will be real fun, so get ready to make your Stickman reach its goals. Listed below are some tips that will make your game easier:

  • It is a time-based game so you need to run quickly.
  • You will come across various obstacles like spikes and you have to be careful while crossing them.
  • To reach up on the wall, you will have to leap on it.
  • There will be some blocks that keep moving, so be careful while jumping on them.
  • The orange blocks available in some levels are super bouncy, which will let you jump high and reach the wall quickly.
  • If the spikes are too close to the wall, just hold the Down key so that you get out of them without losing a life.
  • You can also jump from wall to wall for reaching higher heights.
  • As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to earn Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Try to earn as much as you can.
  • You will also notice some Gold stars that are available in the difficult to reach areas. Collecting them is fun as they will make the game more adventurous.
  • The purple blocks cannot hold much weight so run as fast as you can on them.
  • You will even come across levers in this series of the game. The blue levers will lower the gravity and the red levers will strengthen the gravity.
  • If you want to use the pole then you will have to jump and hold down right, while in the red section.
  • When you reach a cannon, press the Up and Right arrow key to jump so that you are fired very high.
  • If you want to swing, then hold left or right as it will swap your direction.
  • The ice is very slippery and melts slowly so be careful while crossing the spikes above the ice block.
  • When you come across the locked blocks, try to find their key as you will be able to open them with it.

This version of the Vex series has been improvised to keep you all busy, so check it out right away!