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Are you all sick and tired of playing the good old easy and uncomplicated online games? Then, here is a chance for you to indulge in something much more adventurous and fun! The Vex online game series will keep you engrossed until you complete all acts or levels of the game. The game is free of violence and can be enjoyed by all age groups. In the gripping series of Vex, you need to make your Stickman reach his goals, which are also known as checkpoints in the game. However, it is not that easy as it sounds! So, let’s get started!

Vex 1

Keep yourself hooked to the screens with this fun and adventurous online game. The Stickman will test your speed and strategies that you use to avoid the obstacles. Each level consists of various obstacles and some of them are extremely difficult. It is going to be tough to steer clear all of them, so be careful while playing. You need to play with a lot of concentration and make the Stickman reach his checkpoints. If you do not clear the obstacles, then you will end up losing a life. So, will you be able to manage this?

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Vex 2

Unlike the previous version, Vex 2 is much more interesting and unique. There are several new obstacles and acts that have been introduced in the game. As you keep progressing, you can earn numerous achievements. Also, the curiosity to earn loads of Silver, Gold, and Bronze will keep you busy. Be careful of the spikes and cannons as they can kill you. Will you be able to make the Stickman reach all his goals? It certainly isn’t going to be easy!

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Vex 3

Trophies have been introduced in this version of the game instead of Achievements. There are 40 different trophies that can be earned, so start playing the game now. Another new feature added in the game is that you can play the new act by standing on the Act block, which is available in between the game itself. Moreover, you can play a previously completed act too by selecting it from the Act Select window. You can have a look at the entire stage that is around you by using the mouse and plan the next turn beforehand. This feature will certainly make your game simpler!

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Vex 4

If you are tired of playing with the Stickman then you should play this version of the game. Here you have several game characters to play with, like the male and female Stick figure, a cat, a dog, and many more. So, the Stickman has several friends in this game that make it more interesting. Also, there are numerous trophies and tricky challenges that you will face here. Will he be able to reach all checkpoints without losing many lives? We will know that later!

So, start playing the Vex series right away and ensure that you have enough time on hand, as the game is extremely gripping.

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